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Projects updates

Mon 1/15/2007 5:00AM

As promised the mobox reference implementation source code is now available. The reference implementation targets the S60 platform and uses the E61 as a baseline. There are some caveats.

First, all the icons and images are cleared because I do not have the rights to redistribute them. You will need to supply your own icons for the menus and image for the splash screen.

Second, I use eclipse and ant code and build my J2ME applications. I did not include the full project. Let me know if the .project and associated files will be of use.

Third, the code is as is. Although you are free to make any changes you want, please let everyone know about the original authors.

I do not have the bandwidth to clean up or doc the source but you should find it easy to read and modify. I would suggest building and running the application in the WTK first.

You can download the source code from the link below.


Thu 12/07/2006 5:00AM

The version 1 beta is now available for the Nokia E61, E62, and N70. The look and feel is similar to that of the Blackberry version. The feature set is the same across both platforms.

My next task is to build cancel support. As it stands, there is no way to cancel a download or upload midstream. Well, there is the poor man' cancel: closing the app:)

As always, the latest downloads are available on;

Tue 12/05/2006 5:00AM

The first version of the 8100 client is now ready. You can download the application files here.

If you have problems using the network, try toggling the direct TCP option on the settings page. For my device I have manually set up the APN information and use direct TCP. I am using Cingular and I do not have a Blackberry data plan.

New features include full contacts, tones, pictures, todos, and contact backup and restore.

You can also watch a video demo of the client by clicking the link below.

8100 walk-through

Wed 11/08/2006 5:00AM

Screenshots of the reference implementation are now available in the media section.

Fri 11/03/2006 5:00AM

The latest demo client is now available on


+File upload
+File download
+Addressbook upload
+Limited directory backup
+Remote logging ad servlet integration
+File previews for bookmarks, text files, images, and videos
+Ability to add VCard files to addressbook
+Simple configuration script interpreter
+On device sign-up

Bugs (Annoyances):

!Still no recursion on directory backups
!No true cancel support for open sockets
!Video preview UI does not correctly reflect video state
!Slideshow activity indicator runs when there is no activity and stops when activity begins;)